Refugee Hope Launches Charity

By Simona Angelova

Source: Refugee Hope

Refugee Hope, a charity led by students, launched its opening night on Friday 7th February at Square One, making an appeal to all people that want to help Syrian refugees. All money gathered from tickets is going to support the charity. Wristbands and charity pots were available as another tool for raising money.

Aisha Ditta, Public Relations Officer for Refugee Hope says: “Me and fourteen other Coventry University students created the charity following our visit to Jordan.

“After visiting Jordan, we really wanted to continue our help. The opening night was a success. Many professionals voiced their support and encouragement and we’re looking forward to future events.”

She adds: “The launch was fantastic. We had huge interest from members of the community and professionals.”

“We are going to share more information on the Student Volunteering Fair in the Hub this week.”

A special guest was the band Wet Bandits, formed back into early November 2013 and that just graduated from the Academy of Contemporary music.

Refugee Hope contacted them through a friend.

Aisha continues:

“Wet Bandits were incredible. They performed at our event for free and the crowd loved them.”


The band says they are delighted to be part of the charity: “We were just more than happy as a whole group to do it…”.They also hope it will “carry on growing, keep on doing”.

“More people that get on top of it, the more people are aware of it, the better is always going to do.”

Formed following the Majid AlSadi Changing Lives Programme in 2013, Refugee Hope is initiating a series of projects to support the day-to-day struggles that refugees are facing in Jordan. The aims of the charity are based on “Empowerment, Sustainability, Dignity and Hope”. Relief4Refugees is a programme with a focus on providing the refugees with their basic needs that continues to seek donors and raise money for relief items. At first, after visiting Jordan the students raised £4,500 in under 48 hours for providing basic provisions to the refugees.

Another project is Drawing4Disasters. Over 100 Syrian children have taken part in the Mafraq region bordering Syria. The workshops helped the children to express their grief through art. The drawings are so strong that you won’t be able to believe that little children drawn them. They are an expression of the trauma those children faced during the wars and the residue of the memories of the horrible events that left them alone, without a family.

For more information on those and other projects please follow the link:

In order to continue developing and achieving their aims, Refugee Hope is committed to gaining further members to support the charity through fundraising, media and promotion, donations, etc. With a little hope and small portion of will, we can help more children get a better life – full of fun, love and warmth – the life they deserve!

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