Refugees Forced out of ‘The Jungle’ in Calais After It Goes Up in Flames


Photograph by Amirah Breen

As the Calais camp goes up in flames children and teenagers are forced to sleep on the surrounding streets.



Photograph: Harry Fear (Correspondent for RT. First for Breaking News.)

The demolition of the Calais camp began on the 24th of October, leaving a large number of people, especially children and young adults, sleeping on the streets. What they once called ‘home’ is now nothing short of a landfill site or even a war zone. The streets that were once buzzing with children’s laughter and adult gossip are now ghostly and insubstantial.


Photograph: Harry Fear (Correspondent for RT. First for Breaking News.)

Controversy has been sparked as the French and British governments are accused of breaching children’s human rights. The public sees them as ‘callous’ and ‘heartless’. The prospect of children spending their nights out on the streets sparked protests and a demand for emergency accommodation to be provided for those who need it most.

Legal advocates and human rights lawyers have been denied access to the camp since demolition began on the 24th of October, leaving vulnerable people without the legal information they require at such a crucial time in their lives.

The life for refugees after the camp is not looking too promising as authorities are failing at keeping them safe and providing them an alternative refuge. As the promised safe accommodation failed to arise, many of the camps teenagers and adults were allowed back into the smouldering site to take refuge in the abandoned school building and cafes which lacked heating and comfort.


Photograph: Harry Fear (Correspondent for RT. First for Breaking News.)

Many say that the reason behind the Calais camp demolition is to help deal with the housing and asylum claims of the refugees. French authorities say that getting rid of the camp gives them no option but to deal with the issue at hand and house those people in more permanent homes with better living conditions.

All this is hard to believe at a time of such chaos and disruption. Ulterior motives are suspected however it is all yet to be unveiled.

Aleksandra Ganuszko 

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