Review: The Blacklist Fall Finale



As “The Blacklist” embarks on a two-month break, us viewers are left with more questions than resolutions.

However, a unanimous “finally!” could be heard round the world, after Reddington seemed to admit to Alexander Kirk that he is Liz’s father, something that many of us seemed to believe from as early as the first season.

After 10 episodes of running around after Liz, and keeping Agnes from her mother, Alexander Kirk is finally gone. Or is he? Although viewers seemingly watched Kirk drop dead, seconds before he would kill Reddington, Reddington seemed to insinuate that we have not seen the end of Kirk, not going as far to proclaim him as dead, but “Gone.” Will we ever find out just who Kirk is? And what else he knows, or thinks he knows, about Liz’s past?

Liz was kidnapped once again by her “father”, Alexander at the beginning of the episode. Worried about the fact that Kirk was hours away from realizing that Liz really isn’t his daughter (as revealed in the previous episode), Reddington offers Kirk his life for Liz’s safety. An offer which Kirk had no trouble accepting. Once the swap was made, Kirk proceeded to torture Reddington, looking for answers about their troubled past. The moment that had every The Blacklist viewer on the edge of their seats was when Kirk pressured Reddington over whether he was Liz’s father, to which Reddington eventually responded “What do you want me to say? Yes. Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.”



However, if you know The Blacklist, you’ll know that nothing is ever absolute. Even if there is proof, Reddington most likely fabricated it. We only know what Reddington wants us to know, and whether he really is Liz’s father or not is still very much open to opinion. Viewers may well have to wait until January to find out.

What was interesting about this episode was we saw a different side of Reddington. For four seasons now, Reddington has radiated an attitude that conveys a sense of control. Reddington is always in control. He is always two steps ahead of you. And one thing that he never is is scared. However, when Kirk was about to kill him, we seemed to see fear from Reddington. He pleaded with Kirk “you don’t have to do this”. I’m sure we all expected Dembe and Agent Ressler to storm in with an army of agents and take Kirk down, but it never happened. For a split second, Reddington could have died, and he knew it.


Will the near death experience change Reddington? Is he really Liz’s father? And what next for the task force? The wait until January will surely be a long, question filled road.


Vikash Patel

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