Sea of Thieves Affected By Server Issues At Launch


Pirate MMO Sandbox Simulator Sea of Thieves had a difficult day yesterday after a majority of problems arose following its launch.

The game’s struggled massively due to issues with its servers; players reporting numerous problems from server lag to disappearing rewards and progression, to its “Greybeard” error that means players simply couldn’t connect in the first place.

In a tweet to the player base, Sea of Thieves developers, Rare stated:

“In order to resolve the issues players are seeing with the servers, we will be temporarily suspending new players joining the game. We’ll get everyone back in and be playing as quickly as we can!”

The developers released a patch to help fix the issue, and are continuing to monitor the situation of the servers after sorting out many of the previous issues 4 hours after release; faster than most triple-A rated games.


Sea of Thieves has continued to have issues throughout the previous weeks following an excessive amount of people attempting to connect to the server. Massive disruptions and continued lag spikes have left many players lootless, dead or lost at sea as attempts to fix the servers have been for nothing. While the disruptions are still in effect, players are no longer disconnecting or receiving “Greybeard” error signs; but more is being done to help players keep connected and playing through the wide seas and through the ocean breeze.

Mattie Osborne

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