Should we have seen Brexit coming?

Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of using negative tactics to keep the Britain in the European Union in June’s referendum. The campaign, which has been nicknamed as ‘Project Fear’ has given members of the UK ‘insights’ into what life would be like in the country if Britain were to leave the EU. ‘Stay’ campaigners threaten that the UK would be alone, vulnerable and ‘plunged’ into a year of recession.

However, his campaign is not the only one using scare tactics. Those pushing for a ‘Leave’ vote say that with our healthcare system under overwhelming pressure, and with our borders open, it would only be a number of years before we lose the NHS completely.  With Project Fear battling with another Project Fear, the future seems very bleak for those who reside in Britain and many voters are confused about the real facts, which is fearful in itself.

‘Project Fear’ has it’s roots in the 2014 Scottish Independence vote and was coined by the leader of the ultimately successful campaign to retain the status quo and stay in the UK. The tactics in both campaigns have been seen as scaremongering, promoted by the media.

ITV political correspondent Joe Pike wrote a book about the negative tactics used in the 2014 vote entitled ‘Project Fear’ which goes behind the lines of the campaigns. He said it outlines “the striking parallels between the Scottish and EU referendums”

His book suggests that the Scottish Referendum should have been a warning of upcoming Brexit and with the evident similarities between the Scottish Independence vote and the EU referendum, could this help to forecast Britain’s rocky future?


Rhiannon Everton

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