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Fans of Coventry city react positively to proposed new stadium plans in Exhall

Since was revealed by the Coventry telegraph that Coventry city are potentially eying up a site in Exhall as the destination for a proposed new stadium there has been chatter and rumour rife through the streets of Coventry and as a local fan myself I am also intrigued by the current situation regarding Coventry city.  Those rumours have been added to as it has been reported that Nuneaton and Bedworth councils have held talks about and enquiry been made for a football stadium to built on the sight in question.










Out with the old- Ricoh Arena , Coventry’s Former home stadium 2004 – 2013 before financial problems evicted the club from its beloved home


After speaking to fans at Saturdays ‘home game against Crawley at Northampton’s sixfields stadium the main reaction is of trepidation and

Cautious optimism because of the owners involved and how they have messed the club about before both financially and the move from the Ricoh arena to the re temporary home in Northampton has given fans the right to be sceptical as locals are questioning the reality of the potential and as one fan Tony who I spoke to put it ‘’ If sisu ( Part owners of club) are serious about the new stadium they need to get the ball rolling and put in an offer for the land rights and stop messing about ‘’



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Happier times ahead – Fans at newly opened City                                                    megastore react positively to potential new stadium                                                                                                                                                           


It is clear that some fans need persuading in this delicate issue but speaking to people at the new Coventry city megastore in FosehilL, Coventry they were more fans who where positive about the supposed developments with fan stating its ‘a move in the right direction’’ and that ‘finally Coventry city fc will be coming home’’ The general feeling was that after all the madness and heartache that has come with supporting Coventry City over the past year things might be changing for the better.

Reporter- Callum Corbett

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