Smoking or Vaping?

Smoking laws are always changing while 30 years ago you could smoke almost everywhere and it did not seem like a big deal, in the age of the internet it is easy to find information on just how much smoking is bad for you, and the strict laws about public smoking. While some people completely ignore the warnings, or try to quit others choose to switch to electronic cigarettes. Most people who vape always tell you that is it not as bad as cigarettes and usually will throw an article your way stating how much different it is to regular smoking.


I had a chance to talk to an employee of a vaporizer shop and asked her what is the main difference. I got the answer I expected which was that it was the healthier option but what caught my attention was the remark she made when I asked if it was cheaper. Her reply was yes but she also added that most of the time it is a fashion statement to vape, which I myself as a smoker agree on. Vaping is presented as a hip semi new thing to do, and the abundance of YouTube and Facebook videos showing people doing tricks with the vaporiser does not help the situation, while is it healthier it is not really a great alternative because of how addictive it is.


If you are thinking about quitting smoking or are trying to quit visit

You can get proper help with support via text and email being available with lots of other options. Also, if you want to hear more information on the matter listen to the audio below.




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