So why is the UK so concerned with US elections?


All things considered, the campaign period has been called by many a “shit show”. But what has this got to do with the UK, thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean? This is the question that many people may be asking themselves tonight.

After the political catastrophe that hit the UK in June when we voted to leave the EU, it is easy to feel that no other political event is ever going to be as momentous as Brexit. But those taking place in other countries are surprisingly (to some) important too.

Therefore it is important to pay attention to the US elections and take some time out to educate ourselves about it as what happens in America, believe it or not, has a huge effect on the UK and the surrounding countries especially if we do go ahead and leave the European Union.

America is arguably the biggest power in the modern world, if we exit the EU Britain may find itself leaning especially hard on that ‘special relationship’ it supposedly has with America. The UK will rely on the states for business and trade for support and security etc. but more than that, culturally, too, we are hugely affected by what happens in the States. American TV shows, movies, fashion and music are plastered across the globe but in the UK, our shared history and language means the drip feed is incessant. Anything huge that happens in America always unquestionably and undoubtedly follows over to the UK and affects us, be it politically or socially and therefore a change in president will have a huge impact on what we do next as a country.

Will we support the choice of the American people or reject it?

Aleksandra Ganuszko

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