Teen Wolf Airs It’s Final Season


The time has almost come to bid farewell to the popular US TV show Teen Wolf. After five successful seasons of the show, it was revealed by MTV on July 22nd 2016 that the sixth season would be the shows final one.

It was revealed through a series of short trailers that the final season would focus around the sidekick character, Stiles Stilinski, who has remained somewhat in the background for most of the previous seasons being one of the few non-supernatural main characters. It seems that the final season will heavily focus on the character, played by Dylan O’Brien, and the importance that he has within the main cast, with executive producer Jeff Davises teasing that it will be a ‘ghost story’. Unlike the previous season, the 20 episode series will be split into two halves, with each ten-episode arc telling a different story, a similar structure to season 3 of the show.

The series promises to be emotional for any long-term fan of the show, and begins for the final time on Tuesday 15th November 2016.


Zoe Owen

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