Terrorism is something that has increased recently in the sense of how they attack the public and cause wide spread fear. Recent events like the London bridge and the Manchester suicide bomber at the Ariana Grande concert caused panic.

Since there has been an increase in security, surveillance and even terrorist attacks. There has also been an increased amount of acid attacks to happen in the midlands.

West midlands police have recorded 57 times where someone has been injured from an acid attack in the past three years.

This type of attack is very personal and often causes a lot of physiological damage for the victim of this type of terrorist attack.

According to the Irish Times 142 people have lost their lives to terror attacks across Europe in 2016 in comparison to 2015 with over 148 deaths.

West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit (WMCTU) is one of the five teams across the country that partake in preventing terrorism attacks.

The organisation recently charged a 20-year-old man on the suspicion of terrorism offences. Detectives also searched his home in Walsall.

West Midlands police said that there was no threat to the public.

Some of what is incorporated into counter terrorism is military tactics, law enforcement, business and intelligence agencies use to combat or prevent terrorism. The movement also focuses on attempts to counter financing of terrorism.

There has been success with this with their quick response rate to the events that unfolded on the London Bridge and to track down any known associates of the event.

Angela Crocker


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