Christmas is coming! Mistletoe being hung, stockings starting to get filled and of course Christmas adverts being thrown on to our TV’s at home.

Each year the christmas adverts’s cause an array of excitement, the adverts have almost become somewhat of a tradition, from people guessing which advert belongs to what brand, to some of the more touching and meaningful chritmas adverts always bringing someone in the room to tears.

This year for Tesco’s Christmas 2017 advert campaign, they are releasing five different christmas ad’s. The brand has said that the adverts aim to, “celebrate the different ways millions of UK shoppers enjoy Christmas, and how great food sits at the heart of it all”.

The first of the five ads was released last week, the advert was named; ‘Turkey, every which way #everyoneswelcome’. The adverts focus was on the christmas turkey, showing how different types of family prepare their bird for the big day.

Unlike many of Tesco’s past christmas adverts, on this new ad there are no crosses, priests or any other sign of christianity. Instead the advert non traditionaly features two gay fathers, a sikh man wearing a turban and three muslim women and a small girl wearing hijab’s.

Tescos christmas advert ‘Turkey, Every Which Way| Tesco #EveryonesWelcome’

By the following day of the advert being released, many people had taken to social media expressing their opinions on the one minute christmas clip,most of which was negative and drew a main focus on the muslim’s in the advert. Alot of Christians showed anger towards the fact that people who do not follow the faith of christianity were featured in a christmas advert.

Sue McDonald tweeted, ‘ Sorry but anyone else offended by Tesco christmas advert? Christmas very much a christian festival so why the inclusion of Muslims? @tesco’.

Twitter user @smartnotstupid created a twitter pole asking users who would be boycotting tesco due to the christmas advert. The pole recieved 3,068 votes.

The results being; 57% would be boycotting tesco, 36% said they wouldn’t boycott tesco and the other 7% was unsure.

However, it was not just christian viewers who was unhappy by Tesco’s christmas advert. Nafisi Bakkar, muslim journalist wrote an article on the advert and exactly why he was so infuriated.

In Bakkar’s opinion, Tesco’s advert reeked of ‘Tick box diversity.’ He criticises Tescos main slogan for the ad; ‘Turkey, every which way’.

After seeing the advert Bakkar decided to give his local Tesco store a call and ask if they would be supplying halal turkey, (as it is haram for muslims non halal meat). Tesco replied with the answer no and confirmed that they do not sell halal turkey with the christmas period being no exception.

This means that although Tesco featured muslims in the advert with the hopes of promoting diversity, they arent sticking to the message of which the advert voices. Does this suggest that Tesco just half heartedly stuck to their, ‘Turkey, every which way’ slogan in a hope to stand out as a diverse brand?

CEO of Halal Gems, British Halal food company asking Tesco whether or not they will be supplying HALAL Turkey.

I spoke to 45 year old, coventry muslim mum and Tesco shopper Badiyah Ahmed, asking her opinion on the christmas advert, heres what she had to say:


However Tesco plan to bring out their next ad soon which they are still keeping a secret! We hope that this time it brings around less controversy.

(VIEW ARTICLE ON MEDIUM – https://medium.com/@moniqueblanche97/tescos-hope-for-christmas-unity-causes-unhappiness-amongst-the-community-d4877c731ddc )

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