Passers-by were intrigued and stunned as (what later explained as scripted) argument between two young people turned out to be a warm up before fashion related flash mob. photo credit: Natalia Kaluza Section, Coventry based fashion brand, took over busy Oxford Street around midday time on Saturday, 17th February. The date was not accidental, as it fell right in the middle of Fashion Week. Models, presenting Section’s loungewear and jeans collection, were walking in the

Does Racism Exist in UK Politics?

Posted by iCov Writer on February 18, 2018
Category: NATIONAL
Less than five months as leader of the UKIP Party, it is confirmed that Henry Bolton has been sacked. Following on from a 63% vote to back a no confidence motion at the EGM, the end of his short-lived position was announced. Mr Bolton had earlier faced backlash after it emerged that his partner, Jo Marney sent a series of racially abusive text messages about Meghan Markle. The scandal revealed to the public in January
Communities will be pulled in further vulnerability. Clinging on to the idea that austerity is a prudent economic choice to justify it on-going cuts, UK government is harming communities. Authorities are failing millions of citizens by forcing councils to reduce funding to vital community institutions such as hospitals, adult social care, police, prisons and schools and other public services, in order to control their spending and balance their budget to accommodate the cuts. With a
Figures obtained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has revealed that Coventry city council has opted to cut spending on sexual health services by almost half a million pounds. This is despite statistics that claim that Coventry and the West Midlands has some of the highest rates of HIV per capita in the country. “We are disappointed to hear that Coventry City Council has chosen to make this decision, however, we know that similar cuts
A series of allegations into sexual exploitation have been made against the UK charity Oxfam. The scandal has prompted the discussion of corruption in foreign aid, which has led to a call for funding cuts. Furthermore, it has reopened a longstanding debate about foreign aid in the UK. Theresa May faces growing pressure in light of these new allegations. She is being urged to abandon Britain’s commitment to its 0.7% national income to the world