MPs are to examine non-disclosure agreements as part of an inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace. The Women and Equalities Committee have launched a full inquiry on sexual harassment in the workplace and are now inviting submissions of written evidence. The inquiry follows a string of allegations of harassment and intimidation against leading figures in the US film and media industries, as well as claims of inappropriate behaviour in Parliament and other high-profile British
Amongst the one hundred year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote within the UK, we have decided to take a closer look at an extremely influential female that was heavily involved within the suffragette movement. Recent discoveries from the Free Library have shown that Coventry was home to a crucial suffragette figure. Gladys Stringer is not only an iconic woman that played a pivotal role in the suffragette movement in the early 20th
    The flu outbreak 2018 in both USA and Europe is identified as one of the worst since 2011. Many deaths reported from certain European countries and the U.S, however this fact and the increasing amount of such cases do not stop the government of mentioned countries to announce the budget cuts in healthcare for 2018 and even longer period of time.   The epidemic in the USA “is killing up to 4,000 Americans
The issue of homelessness is ever growing, Shelter, a local charity who help to tackle poverty and homelessness in Manchester have released shocking figures late last year. It was found that there are over 9,300 homeless people in the North West, the pressure on local council to accommodate those on the streets is increasing and proving difficult. To recognise where the problem is most acute in the North West, Shelter mapped the top ten areas
Street Support is an online based network that helps eradicate homelessness in cities through collaborations with already existing charities and by providing vital information for those in need via their online site.  Street Support is available in cities such as Greater Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Liverpool. Each city deals with high levels of homelessness and poverty and it is the only organisation that is based solely online, adapting to the needs of todays