Thames River attacks UK and causes negative consequences

By Bahar Hussain

Thames River Flooding

Thousands of houses along Thames River had been evacuated because of the flooding caused by rising of water level.

The Thames River went to its highest level that it reached since 60 years ago at some places, and caused lots of damages to the properties around

Nearly 1,000 people had left their houses in Windsor, Maidenhead and communities in Surrey.

The Environment Agency announced that it was very concerned about the Thames flooding, but now many areas have reached their highest levels and fortunately the water level is decreasing slowly.

David Cameron

The manager of the environment agency flood Katherine Evans said no worries any more and the condition is ‘’generally improving’’

Meanwhile, the government has urged insurers to deal with the flooding situation as soon as possible.

David Cameron the Minister of the United Kingdom pushed on the industry to offer more help to more than 5,000 properties who got damaged from this deluge.




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