The Abuse of FaMe on YouTube

YouTuber and Director of ‘FaMe’ Will Carne talks about the meaning behind his latest film and his 

Over a month ago, YouTuber Will Carne released his latest short film ‘FaMe’, a film that covers the ‘darker side of YouTube culture – looking at the viewer and creator relationships’ as Carne puts it.

Focusing on the life of famous YouTuber Jake Murphy, a created character within the films near-realistic world, it follows his interaction and explores the abusive use of fame by YouTubers who use their status to manipulate their fan base, something that has happened many times in the past here in the UK. 

Several claims of abuse have become popular points of discussion within the YouTube community and beyond over the last couple of years. Sam Pepper, who in 2014 faced sexual harassment claims, and caused further controversy in 2016 following his ‘Kidnapped Friend’ prank video, earning his social media scorn.

Another creator, Jason Vionhi – also known as VeeOneEye, was also accused of sexual abuse and rape of a 15 year old girl. Following the allegations, he was banned from Twitter due to a lot of his unsavoury words concerning the accusation, but recently made a reappearance back on the social media site which lead many people to begin to question why creators such as Vionhi and Pepper were still permitted to use the sites for their careers on YouTube, while others questioned why they still garnered such admiration from their fans. 

Imagine actual still stanning veeoneeye I actually can’t relate. Imagine stanning anyone who used their position of power for sexual abuse.

— spooky
sian�� (@
March 21, 2017

In a video titled ’15 minutes of FaMe’, a clear play on words on the popular saying, Carne expressed his concern about the issues of social media celebrity abuse, created the video to go into the topic into a much more extensive and elaborative discussion than the film was able to do. Carne stated that he and his team ‘didn’t feel like 22 minutes was long enough to tackle the very important is.The video continues to go into great detail on the reasons why they created the film and what they wanted to portray, as well as very heavy detailed interviews with the cast. If you want to learn more about the film, check out the video link below. 

In an interview with Carne and the producer of the film, Rebecca Wrinkler, both commented on the influences of the film and how they correlated to these cases. Will commented that "there were (obviously) a number of real life cases that it was loosely based upon" 

"A lot of things we’ve been saying recently have become apparent – and that we need to raise awareness to this issue"

When asked about the production of the film, Rebecca spoke about that the information they had was ‘provided to the actors, who didn’t know all that much about YouTube and this issue’ and how the process of taking it from script to production was interesting to say the least. 

Following on from this, Will jokingly exclaimed the ironic coincidence of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandals that have become evident the last few weeks, and that it tied in well with the films release given the subtle differences and similarities YouTube and Hollywood share in it’s treatment of it’s creators, actors and their audience. 

If you’d like to view the full film it is available on YouTube and down below. 

In any case, the importance of showing these issues in media and discussing them is extremely high. 

What are your thoughts on the matter? How do you feel about sexual abuse? Let us know on our social media! 


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