The Amazing Fiddler

By: fatou jassey

For most people going to work is a simple task of walking through the door, but unlike most people the work of this violinist is a bit more difficult. He goes to work on a rope.

Kabana Lindsay is an amazing 50-year-old fiddler whose unique way of playing the violin has captured the interest of his vast audiences all over Europe. This is a profession he has been doing for almost thirty years now. As amazing as it may sound he goes to work on a rope tied to two metals in the city centre where he regularly performs. He climbs the robe with a total grip on his balance but this was as a result of several practices. Definitely challenging, but Lindsay certainly does it well giving his stunned spectators a moment to really remember.

This intriguing performance, according to kabana Lindsay came from his great passion for fiddling. ‘ I absolutely enjoy every bit of it’, he remarked with a smile on his face.

The Bristol born performer travels to different parts of England to entertain his audiences who in turn give him few quid’s but the real delight for the violinist is in satisfying his followers with his marvellous skills.

Spotted at the Coventry city centre performing before a mesmerised audience, one quickly notices this man’s passion for what is a rather daring job. Lindsay surely loves playing at the Coventry city centre. ‘I come here every two weeks to play, its one of the places I really enjoy performing and here I am always assured of a good audience even on a chilly day.

Sub-Editor Bahar Hussain

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