The Bill Came After 1 year of Moving House – Who to Blame?

Moving home can be a difficult procedure, as it requires very cautious and deliberate personal organization of all the documentation to make sure that the house is left without any unpaid bills and that all the utility firms are informed about the moving.


However, not only newbies to England taxing system face issues, but even the most organized people seem to face problems once moving the house.  The couple, who moved to the UK four years ago, have never faced issues with the taxing system here until now.


Less than a month ago, they received a bill for the house, where they were living a year ago! The bill came through the post and the letter said that it is the estimated final bill of £313.31.


“I was horrified. At first I though that this is a joke as I have paid everything once I was moving the house; but then I called the number provided and they told me that I have not. As I am always taking extra care once it comes to any paperwork – either it is a housing or job contract signing, or just the utility bill payment – I thought that something must be wrong here”, said Lukas Banys.


The couple explained that they called the number provided on the letter straight away, but they were told that there is no other option for them – they have to pay or they have to provide the electricity meter reading of when they left.


“ It was ridiculous situation. The energy supplier told me that I have not provided the electricity meter readings, once leaving the house. It made angry and frustrated at the same time. I was shocked. I told them that my landlord said that the agency is responsible for that, so they will do it. However, it looks like they have missed about that, so the energy supplier estimated the bill for me”, explained Banys.


At the moment the bill is still unpaid and the complaint is raised, as once the couple looked further into it, they found some unanswered questions. They remembered that they called the energy supplier to tell that they are moving the house to find out if everything is okay and they were re-assured that everything is paid and they will even be issued a refund as they overpaid for electricity.




“The refund for overpayment was issued on August”, confirmed the couple. “I called them and deliberately asked if everything is okay with our payments when we were moving the house and they re-assured me that we overpaid, so we will be issued a refund for that”, said Lukas girlfriend Brigita.


They started questioning the credibility of this letter, but it still seems unclear, why the company would send the estimated bill for March, 2017 if they have checked that no payments were needed as of for August, 2017, once they have even issued a refund? It looks like going back on time and trying to find something that no knows, who is responsible for.


As the month has passed since the letter came, the couple is still waiting for an answer.  They raised the complaint order but at the moment no one knows, who is responsible for this – the landlord, the agency, the couple or the energy supplier?


An interview with energy taxes and bills expert on the solving of the issue like this is coming up soon.



Berta Balsyte

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