The Death Gap Divides City

Crosswise and Lengthwise


Coventry is known a Marmot City, but what does it mean? Clare Mitchell, the Arts and Cultural Partnership Manager for the city, and Georgia Faherty, the leader for Coventry’s Marmot City work, explain, what it is and what it means for the Coventrians.


‘On average, men in the most affluent areas of Coventry will live 9.4 years longer than men in the most deprived areas. While for women the difference is 8.7 years’, says Georgia.


Ben Diamond, Vice Chair of the Marmot Steering Group and the senior manager and fire service operation commander, reveals what is being done to tackle this issue and what will be done in the future.


To listen for the full story, follow the link below:

Berta Balstye

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