The Friargate Developments will transform the city of Coventry

The Friargate development scheme is major scheme will create a better quality shopping experience, more business opportunities and better pedestrian access to the train station in Coventry, with a 20 metre wide pedestrian boulevard running from the city centre to the station.


A new business area will be built with 300,000 m2 of space, this will include 2 new hotels and some new homes.


Councillor Colin Knight, who is in charge of the plans, says that it will create around 15,000 new jobs and around 1,000 jobs during the construction period.


The first change people in Coventry will see, is the change to the road layout in front of the station. The work will begin on Saturday 22nd of March. Warwick Road will be closed the bridges over the ring road will be demolished. They will then build a 100 metre wide bridge deck over the ring road. This will act as a lid over the ring road that will be an extension of Grey Friars Green. This is expected to take around 12 months.


Colin Knight told Icov that the council are putting in place measures to minimize and monitor the disruption and traffic to help drivers during the construction period. “We will put in a CCTV system that links back to a traffic control center in the Council building, enabling them to assess the traffic cues and let people know which routes are clearer. We will also use variable message signs by the roads. These are portable signs that can display any message they are programmed to.”


Many businesses have shown an interest in moving to Friargate, but the council are hopeful that many will follow.


The developments will have a massive impact on Coventry. “It’s about creating higher quality jobs, its about bringing life back to the City centre.”


Here is a time line that will show the events of the Friargate scheme.



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