The Global Market Fair’s Culture Takeover

The Global Market Fair’s culture takeover

Culturae Mundi, the Coventry University run organisation, hosted a Global Market Fair in The Hub on Thursday afternoon.


The Global Market consisted of stalls, dances and food from an array of cultures across the globe. The University expanded the once European event to a global experience for students and members of Culturae Mundi.


The University’s Centre of Global engagement and teacher of Greek/ English, Paraskevi Komninov, talked to iCov about what can be expected from the organisation and the Global Market Hall, “Culturae Mundi’s purpose is to promote different countries that students are involved in, this is to promote dialects and cultures that bonds people together across the world as we [Coventry University] are a global village now. “Each country has food, drinks and parts of their civilisations, such as linguistic activities and photographs.”


“One of my favourite stalls here is the Russian one, I also like the polish society’s stall as they have provided games and dances from their culture, opposing to sitting and watching what’s happening around them.”


Linguae Mundi, an organisation that works very closely to Culturae Mundi, also took part in organising the Global Market Hall. Gaia Garbin, Linguae Mundi’s Modern Language teaching assistant shared her thoughts of the event, “Students can expect to exchange every aspect of their culture, the language and a lot of their national foods to other students. “This is the second year that we (Culturae and Linguae Mundi) have held the Global Market Hall in the university, however, last year it was more European based, but this year we’ve gone global!


Gaia also adds that the work of the university and their interactions with student cultures will “absolutely” help Coventry’s bid for The City of Culture 2021- a title that will boast Coventry city’s national and global presence.

Kirsty Hatton

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