The President’s Plan B

Credit: Susan Walsh

The world currently stands watching America with baited breath as President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration lurks just around the corner. Yet many Americans, and many of other nationalities, are not so excited about the prospect of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. This has led them to formulate a plan, not one that would keep Mr. Trump out of the Whitehouse, that coffin is already nailed shut, but one that would bump him across to the 46th president.

Not long after President Obama awarded Joe Biden the presidential medal of freedom Reddit user Andrado made an interesting proposal:

“Obama would tap out and Biden would get his own swearing in, which would completely take the wind out of the sails of Trump’s inauguration, and Trump would get bumped to 46th president.” (Read the full comment here)

This outlines an idea involving President Obama steping down during his last week of presidency. The US laws would then require that vice president Joe Biden would have to be sworn in, becoming officially recognized as the 45th president of the United States of America. Of course, Reddit user Andrado meant this entirely as a joke, and goes on to make wild speculations about what Biden could do during his week of presidency, including creating a national ice cream hall of fame. In practice Obama stepping down and Joe Biden being sworn in, as the 45th president, would be a logistical nightmare – with Biden being required to have his own inauguration ceremony, give a state of address to congress (for which he would have to formulate a legislative agenda) and of course make a farewell address to the American People. Despite these impracticalities the internet was not to be dissuaded and the plan that would see Biden immortalized as the 45th president quickly became a viral sensation, with many people on Twitter using the hashtag #biden45thpresident.

It appears that the idea of baiting Donald Trump, who has a long history of lashing out on social media, was tempting enough to push the practicality out of everyone’s collective minds. This stunt certainly would be one of the best, but most petty, ways to show displeasure at Trump’s election, as it would mean Biden having to go down in the history books as the 45th president – he would also be entitled to many of the benefits of presidency including a presidential portrait. Furthermore, all the 45th president gifts that Donald Trump has received, as well as the memorabilia he has had printed, would suddenly be incorrect and have to be reprinted. Essentially throwing a spanner in to his works.

Perhaps Donald Trump’s resilience in not commenting on this new viral sensation is an indication of him slowly growing in to the more mature mindset that is required when you are the figurehead of the United States?


Angus Stewart Robinson

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