The Rise Of Police Brutality

After a 15-year-old boy in Bermondsey was hospitalized following an arrest by a met police, it didn’t take long for the news to go viral on Twitter, with the hashtag #JusticeForTerrell. The issue surrounded the fact that the way this piece of news was reported, masked the real issue – police brutality.

There was also an issue in Nuneaton where a man died shortly after his arrest by Warwickshire police. On top of the brutality, there seems to be a sequence of the targeted victims that experience police brutality, the majority come from the ethnic minority – most of which are black. The Metropolitan Police used-force more than 12,600 times in just three months, with a disproportionate amount of incidents involving black people, new statistics have revealed.

Police brutality is an issue that is very popular in the US, leaving people disregarding the idea of it happening in the UK. After the incident in Bermondsey, this really made me question how black boys feel towards the police who are put in place in order to make us feel safe. Do the ethnic minority – especially black boys feel safe around the police? I investigated this social issue further, especially as it’s an angle that no one in media has ever dared to take.


Sychelle-Kristina Yanda


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