The Rise of the U.K. Music Scene

The music scene within the U.K, especially the homegrown genre of Grime, has been on the rise due to act such as Section Boyz, Skepta, Giggs, Section Boyz, J Hus, Dave, etc. In 2016, MOBO winners Section Boyz collaborated with American superstar Chris Brown and his group OHB and also brought out Drake at one of their shows, therefore stamping there name as established artist not only in the UK but the world.

Currently the two main faces of the UK seem to be Giggs, known as ‘Hollowman’ or most recently ‘The Landlord’ and the next main face is no other than Stormzy. Giggs recently released the mixtapeWamp 2 Dem’ which pays homage to his Jamaican heritage, debuted at number 2 on the UK Albums chart. The album features mainstream artists such as Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Popcaan, Dave and other UK artists. Giggs was already established in the UK from 2008 when he released ‘Walk in da Park’ and had the song that most Londoners consider the national anthem ‘Talkinda Hardest’; however since he was feature on two tracks on Canadian superstar Drake’s mixtape More Life, the internet searches for Giggs has sky rocketed.

The man however that seems to be in the spotlight and can’t dodge the media attention is none other than Stormzy. The artist of Ghanaian heritage first came to spotlight with a number of remixes of songs, especially Drake’s 0 to 100 but got nationwide attention when he released his Shut Up freestyle which he stated cost about £30-40 to create in the park with a bunch of friends and went on to receive millions of views in the process. Now the independent artist, sponsored by Adidas has gone on to feature at a wide range of festivals, including American festival Coachella, which have had rosters such as Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, etc.

He has not only won two MOBO awards but won a BET Award for Best International Act: Europe, GQ Men of the year and was nominated for a Brit Award, so what rightfully seem next for the 24 year old is a Grammy.

When thinking about songs however, a lot seem to forget the person behind the whole sound of the track; and what I mean by that is the Producer and Songwriter. A producer is responsible not only for creating the beat of the track but they crafted the whole track, some even help write the chorus with the artists.

So when you find an artist who is able to create his own tracks, beats included, it’s more than reasonable to say that I feel that person can go far within the music scene. I was able to sit down with artist/producer Truthz, who first started off as a member of a two member rap group, called Distinct with Natty and then saw that he could get more on his own, now working with foreign artist and even MOBO winner Abra Cadabra who is from Tottenham, which is local to Truthz hometown of Enfield.

Now relocating to Warwick to study where he has created his own society ‘WarwickFlowSoc’. Now trying to break through the scene as a university student and coming out with a freestyle titled Seminar notes, where he gives you a story of his battle with being a artist and a university student.

Sitting down with Truthz he had this to say to for himself when asked a few questions about his work and accomplishments:

What made you decide to become a Artist/producer?

The decision was derived from my love for music. From a young age I would involve myself in the world of music whether it be examining the different instruments and harmonies in a song, or imitating my favourite artists for my friends in the playground. One-day curiosity got the better of me leading me to the world of artistry and I realised this is where my real passion lied.

And in saying that, do you have any musical inspirations?

I am inspired by many things around me, from artists such as Maleek Berry and Tory Lanez to the experiences I’ve had growing up.

When did you create your first ever song?

In primary school when I decided to choose making a track with my friends for activities week over anything else.

What music software do you use to create music?

I have stayed loyal to Logic pro, so I am currently using Logic Pro X.

When creating a song, where/how do you get the inspiration to put a beat together & add the lyrics?

The urge to make music usually comes from whichever mood I am in. Musically speaking, if I feeling down, the tempo of the track will often be a lot slower than if I was in a livelier mood.

Have you worked with any well-known names in the UK industry or overseas?


If so do you mind naming a few of them?

I have worked with many artists from Abra Cadabra to Ishy Dee.

Do you feel producers deserve more recognition for the role they play in creating a track?

Most definitely! The work of the producer forms the foundation of any successful track.

Who has been your favourite artist you’ve worked with so far? And why?

Natty because musically we are very compatible, (Truthz‘ former Distinct member)

As an artist, I know you work with different types of artists & producers, what is your favourite genre to produce?

Most of my favourite work is that of the Afro-Swing genre.

What are your goals for the future? So say in 5 years.

My ultimate goal is to be a fully established and verified artist, not just on Twitter.

Dwayne Grossett

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