The Swing States


There are a number of states that could make or break the main candidates chances of Presidency. Below iCov break down the main swing states and will keep you updated with the results as they happen.

Ohio – Won by Trump

Has only ever backed the losing candidate once since 1944. 

Electoral Votes: 18

2012 vote: Obama

Virginia – Won by Clinton

One of the lowest unemployment rates and was largely Republican until 2008. 

Electoral Votes: 13

2012 vote: Obama

Florida – Won by Trump

Considered the “ultimate swing state” and bought George W Bush to power in 2000, despite him losing the overall public vote.

Electoral Votes: 29

2012 vote: Obama (by only 0.9%)

Nevada – Won by Clinton

Has seen the largest percentage population vote in the past decade.

Electoral Votes: 6

2012 vote: Obama

Colorado – Won by Clinton

Became the first state to legalise marijuana usage and was a $996million industry in the last year. It is home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Electoral votes: 9

2012 vote: Obama

North Carolina – Won by Trump

Large African-American community and was the scene of riots in September following a fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Electoral votes: 15

2012 vote: Romney

Iowa – Won by Trump

One of America’s least populated states, it is predominantly white. It is home to some of the countries largest food companies.

Electoral votes: 6

2012 vote: Obama

New Hampshire – Predicted Clinton Win

Historically known for its manufacturing, its industries has seen a decline due to cheaper wages.

Electoral votes: 4

2012 vote: Obama

Wisconsin – Won by Trump

Producer of a quarter of Americas cheese and a huge dairy giant, it is largely driven by agriculture.

Electoral votes: 10  

2012 vote: Obama

Michigan – Predicted Trump Win

Known for its automotive industry, it’s population has been declining since the 70’s due to economic turmoil.

Electoral votes: 16

2012 vote: Obama

Pennsylvania – Won by Trump

Again, this state has had a declining population, but has a large hispanic population.

Electoral votes: 20

2012 vote: Obama

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