The Transport Museum host half-term fun for the whole family

The half-term holidays for the Coventry Transport Museum has caused staff members to be rushed off their feet planning and preparing new activities for students, children and parents.

The museum hosts activities including, STEMtastic Explorers, Crafts and Storytelling workshops to try to encourage the half-term to be engaging and educational for all ages.

Though the museum is not new to hosting events for families, Family Learning Officer for Culture Coventry, Anja, talks iCov through the hours of planning and designing behind the museum’s newfound success.

“Both the Storytelling and STEMtastic events are very much still in development, but we’ve had a great response, especially with the Storytelling as it combines fact and fiction, so children learn without even knowing that they are working”.

“Visitors usually just come to see the cars, and often people find it hard to engage in education, so I am here to make it fun! Education is always part of museums, the specific events that we are offering over the half term have to be STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics), as it’s the Transport Museum.  “I find that children are often too small or too big to be interacting in STEM activities and I find that there are a lot of children that can only connect to STEM through art, so if we interweave crafts into this, more children can get involved”.

“We are wanting to get university students involved more at the museum, that is a definite plan. We know there is an interest by university students and lecturers as they participated during the summer, working with the children and STEM. “My biggest dream, though it is not in the making yet, is to have a ‘think tank’ [for University students] because we could solve so much if we have the right environment for all the creative brains out there to work together”.

The museum’s Community Partnership Planner, Sarah, continues, “One of our key demographics is children and families, so we are very keen to support the local community by providing lots of fantastic activities for them. “We’ve had repeat custom from the families as a result of this summer’s success”

“We would love to engage with the local students as they’re an important part of the community and we want to share the museum’s collections and the Coventry history with them, it’s just a case of funding and development”.

Following the summer and half-term success, the Coventry Transport Museum is keen to connect more with Coventry and Warwick university students in upcoming events. Coventry University has already worked closely with the museum through engineering and designing exhibitions, and the museum is hoping to expand this relationship with students.

To find out about how you can volunteer and get involved more with the museum, visit their website: or send inquiry E-mail to

Kirsty Hatton

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