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Just over a month before his MTV Crashes Coventry performance, Tom Odell announces the release date of his second album. Wrong Crowd will be out on June 10th, following the series of intimate live shows in Europe and America.

After three years from his first album Long Way Down, Tom Odell finally gets us all excited and ready for more of his melancholic and really mature music.

Speaking about the album Odell said: “I wanted the songs to sound big and dramatic; big strings and melodies emphasizing the songs further – rich in musicality and holding nothing back.

The album follows a narrative of a man held at ransom by his childhood, yearning for it, yearning for nature- a desire for innocence in this perverse world in which he now lives. It’s a fictional story but the emotions and feelings are obviously ones I have felt – though the stories are elaborated and exaggerated. I wanted to create a world with a heightened sense of reality.”

He also just dropped the promo single along with the video, also named Wrong Crowd and his fans seem to love it.

If the whole album is going in the same direction, then Wrong Crowd might turn out to be the hottest indie pop album of 2016.

The track list for Wrong Crowd:

  1. Wrong Crowd
  2. Magnetised
  3. Concrete
  4. Constellations
  5. Sparrow
  6. Still Getting Used to Being On My Own
  7. Silhouette
  8. Jealousy
  9. Daddy
  10. Here I Am
  11. Somehow

Recently Odell was confirmed to top up the first day of MTV Crashes Coventry, two-day-long open-air festival held in Ricoh Arena, Coventry on May 27th and May 28th. So that’s the best opportunity for all Coventry (and around) based fans to indulge in Odell’s big talent during the live performance. You can get your tickets here.

Watch the video to Wrong Crowd below:

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