Top Five Data Breaches Bigger than Facebook

Data is at the heart of the 21st century World, and with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal this week; it has shown how accessible we are to the prying eyes of the outside World.


When scrolling down your Facebook page, Twitter page, or even your Instagram feed, subscribing or liking certain things such as brands eg. Audi, or Crocs, your page gradually moulds itself into a marketing space designed to target you directly.


Instead of being merely a social media user, you are stepping into another role becoming a consumer. Hence the reason that when you next click onto Facebook, adverts popping up on your news feed will be tailored toward what you have liked in the past.


However, Facebook’s latest breach will not be the last data scandal, and it certainly isn’t the first, so here are top five of the biggest data scandals to have happened within recent years.




Back in 2016, one of largest quantities within the ethos of the Internet was in talks to sell Yahoo to Verizon – a fellow Internet giant. They revealed during the sale, that they had been victim to a hack carried out by a ‘state sponsored actor’, in 2014.


The attack released five hundred million users email addresses as well as their date of births, which was achieved utilising a robust bcrypt algorithim. Another breach happened in 2014, accessing one billion account details.


Both security breaches lead to Yahoo loosing $350 million of their sale price, making the final price that Verizon paid equate to $4.48 billion for

their internet services.




Following the release of the film, Interview back in 2015, Sony Pictures fell victim to a security breach carried out in order to sabotage the launch of the new film. Despite the film already carrying a lot of controversy, due to it depicting the harshness and realities of the Korean Regime, the film made for a great watch in the cinema.


The hackers were said to be Korean who had accumulated massive amounts of data, which led to the online distribution of data and emails sent within the corporation. As a result of the hacking, Sony had to reimburse a lot of their employees by paying them $10,000 each, when paired with other costs came to a staggering $8 million total figure.



When looking at companies most likely to get hacked, you wouldn’t think that a site where you go to buy a new pagoda, or a second hand bicycle, would be at risk of a data breach. But you would be wrong, because in May 2014, 145 million users were compromised following a cyber attack that exposed names, addresses, dates of birth and passwords.


The way that Ebay was hacked was via the credentials of three employees that worked for the company. Following this, they had direct for two hundred and twenty nine days, making there way to the user database in the process.


They asked for customers to change their passwords and card details, which would be stored separately and therefore not compromised. Ebay was later criticised for lack of communication with regards to poor implementation of password-renewal process.



Edward Snowden


Whistle blower, Edward Snowden, hit the headlines back in 2013 for exposing areas of the US National Security Agency (NSA) for collecting phone numbers and records of a huge number of American citizens.


Being an ex-CIA systems analyst, Snowden had means to gain access to all of the files regarding the US and UK surveillance programmes. Snowden then took refuge within Moscow, Russia, while back home in America he is referred to as a ‘hero’ or ‘whistle blower’.


Adult Friend Finder


For those looking for love on the Internet, the leaking of your personal data shouldn’t have you loosing that much sleep. But in 2016 more than 412.2 million accounts were tampered with, allowing for ninety nine per cent of them had been cracked by the time published its analysis of the entire data set on November 14.



So remember, when you are online, be careful what you sign up to and get involved with.



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