Top Three Tourist Attractions

As a city Malaga offers a lot of attractions for tourist as well as the spanish locals. From museums to nightlife there is definitely something for everyone. Here are the top 3 things we felt students would enjoy in Malaga:

Plaza de la Constitucion. The main square in Malaga has a lot of different things for tourists to do such as shopping eating and sight seeing. With the plaza being the centre of Malaga it is the ideal place we think for all tourists to start off. The visuals of the square are authentic giving the feel of being in another country. Try something new like paella or chill out at one of the bars and admire the view.

Experience the city of Málaga from a different perspective by utilising its finest tourist attraction “The Horse Carriage”. It costs 30 euros for 45 minutes and covers a lot of the waterfront as well as the beachside part of the town.  It is a pleasant ride which holds up to 4 people. This is an easy way to get around the city and get familiar with the area whilst visiting various popular locations.
The 45-minute trip will take you past Málaga’s major landmarks, including the Málaga Park, Paseo de la Farola, Paseo Marítimo, Plaza de Toros, Paseo de Reding and Plaza de la Merced. The carriage ride through the centre of Malaga is an unmissable look at the city through different eyes.
There is a varied nightlife. Whilst it caters to those who prefer a quiet drink with a scenic view, it also offers plenty of late night venues for the party animals.
Generally known as the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a stylish city which continues to entice tourist and students from all over the world. The nightlife is diverse  and exclusive, and many of the city´s night clubs and music bars are amongst the best in Spain.
Most bars & clubs in Malaga do not really get going until around midnight. Many locals & tourists prefer to go for a few drinks at a local bar before they head out to the clubs. Bars and clubs generally do not get busy till around 11:00 pm and usually stay open until 6:00 am. So, there is never a shortage of finding a place to go late at night, or early morning for that matter!

In areas such as Calle LariosPlaza de la ConstitucionCalle Granada and Plaza de la Merced  Malaga comes alive at night when some of the most popular music bars and clubs open their doors. In this area invitations are often given away and include one free drink if you arrive before a certain time. Whether you like to relax in a piano bar, dance the night away at one of the city´s many clubs or sip cocktails at the port side, there is certainly a bar here for you.

Aisha Annelle and Toyosi

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