TRACE: Art in The Tin

A series of Coventry University 2nd year Photography students’ exhibitions has began yesterday, 22nd February, with TRACE showcase.
TRACE took place between 7:30pm and 10:30pm at The Tin, artsy venue located by Coventry Canal Basin. The exhibition brought over 50 people and turned out to be really successful.

Seven photography students: Chloe Parker, Carys Fyson, Paige Middleton, Livvy Reeds, Alice Riddy, Emma Maton and Victoria Billham organised the exhibition to present their works produced as part of their course.

Carys Fyson explained: “We have a module where we go out and experience some professional life as independent photographers and as one of the parts of the module we had to run exhibition in groups.”

Students could have picked who they want to work with. The organisation of the event was also all up to them. They fully planned and funded the showcase themselves.

The curator of the exhibition Chloe Parker told us more about the preparation part:

All of the works were supposed to be students’ own interpretation of the word TRACE. Chloe Parker also explained us: “I’ve decided to use word TRACE because it has a lot of different meanings and it meant everyone can make something different and everyone has.”

Asked about her works, Chloe also told us:

During the showcase the audience could also listen to the live band performance. Folk/soul Coventry based The Upsiders formation set the cosy atmosphere and let the audience enjoy the exhibition even more.

TRACE was the launch of a series of showcases prepared by photography students, where works presented in each one are meant to be an interpretation of theme words.

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