Training Plan Offered For Coventry Half Marathon

Half Marathon – Birmingham. CC 2.0 attribution – Tony Hisgett from Birmingham

Are you up for a challenge? The 2017 Coventry Half Marathon training schedules are now open for everyone who is willing to get involved. Coventry Half Marathon, which is going to take place on Sunday March 19, offers three levels training plans for amateurs, professionals and even experts. Every different level is designed to be completed per 10 weeks, starting the current week.

If you are unsure why you should sign up for it, you should know that this marathon is not something just for your own entertainment. It is designed to raise money for good causes.

Two local charities have already been named as Coventry Half Marathon charity partners: The Myton Hospices and Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice both coming on board for the 2017 event.

Level 1 training plan is designed for those who have never run a half marathon and who want to comfortably finish the race. It helps to get the basic awareness of the running sport and its requirements. The plan introduces the main Do’s and Don’t’s when you are preparing for a good run:

  • DO NOT choose a pair of shoes because they match your vest or T-shirt!
  • DO NOT wear light road-racing shoes – your trainers will be fine.
  • DO NOT use the race to try any new kit for the first time – even socks and especially shoes.

Level 2 training plan is for those, who are experienced runners and who can run 10k in an hour. The plan aims to help you to prove yourself that you can spend much time on your feet and come out smiling at the end! Finally, level 3 plan is designed for experts or so called ‘experienced runners’ who have run a half marathon before. It is only 1hr 45 mins plan just to make sure your body is as much ready as you are.

More detailed schedule and more information regarding event can be found at official Coventry Half Marathon website.

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