Transport Museum Prepares for New Arrivals

By Cameron Cooper
Subedited by: Zara Flynn

Coventry Transport Museum’s ‘Spirit of Speed’ gallery has been temporarily closed to allow for the arrival of brand new exhibits.

The Thrust SSC land speed record simulator – which had been a main attraction at the museum for 14 years – has been retired in order to welcome a brand new 4D simulator, due to be unveiled in the early spring.

Coventry Transport Museum. Photo: Getty

Coventry Transport Museum. Photo: Getty

The museum has been undergoing an £8.5m redevelopment since March 2014 and the new simulator, along with a potentially land speed record-breaking super car, the Bloodhound SSC, will become the star attractions of the development when it is complete in April.

Stephanie Brown, the head of the trust that runs the museum, says “It is the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new one…with a brand new simulator that will thrill visitors in a different way as we unveil the new attraction.”

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