Twins Post ‘Coming Out’ Video

By Libby Beacham

Twins Come Out to Dad

Aaron and Austin Rhodes, also known on YouTube as The Rhodes Bros, are 19-year-old models that recently took the Internet by a storm with the upload of their ‘coming out’ video.

The video begins with Austin and Aaron explaining what the video is about, that their father does not know they are gay and they wish to tell him before they upload the video for the world to see.

Emotionally breaking down, Aaron tells his father both he and Austin are gay and says, ‘I finally feel like I’m at that point now where I’m able to tell you, and I just want to be able to have you behind us 100 per cent.’

His father’s heart warming response of, ‘You know I love you both and that will never change. You have to live your lives and you gotta do what you gotta do’ has accumulated over 11 million views in the past few days and starts off 2015 with an inspirational example of individual bravery.

The video has received positive responses on YouTube, with comments such as, ‘You both should be very proud of yourselves for just being you’ and ‘What a great response from your dad, I’m glad it turned out this way for you guys’ displaying the support social media sites can offer.

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