Two New Car Parks are Being Proposed for Coventry City Centre


EARMARKED FOR DEMOLITION: New Union Street Car Park. Photo by Angela Crocker

The plans for multi-storey carparks for New Union Street and Salt Lane are aimed at giving visitors a good first impression of the city.

“A car park can often be the first impression a visitor has of a city – you can have the best centre in the world, but it is useless if people cannot park easily and safely,” said a council spokesperson.

But residents say there is already enough parking in the city – and that historic buildings near to the sites might be compromised by the plans.

The two new car parks will provide more than 900  spaces. Existing buildings will need to be demolished and there is concern that  historical buildings including Kirby House, which backs onto Salt Lane,  and Ford’s Hospital, near New Union Street,   may be affected.

One resident said: “I am all for modernisation and making it easier for people but if it’s going to interfere with any of our nice buildings that have been here for years and years I’d say no.”

A total of £10.7 million will be needed to fund the plans, which will be discussed by Coventry City Council Cabinet on January 24.


Angela Crocker

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