#TypeOfPeopleIAvoid is a trending hash tag on Twitter today, so we thought we might share with you some tweets to help you check what people you should definitely avoid.

1. We obviously don’t trust who may fool you, especially those who steal our food:

2. What kind of idea is that? Yoga pants only for yoga? Big no no.

3. Those are people we definitely have trust issues with:

4. Yeah, it actually makes me want to avoid myself:

5. Those who have no emotions:

6. These are actually the worst:

7. And last but not least:

Hopefully, now you’ll be more aware of who to be friends with and who to avoid.

On more serious note, I hope you took that post with a pinch. So don’t be too judgemental, take life with distance and make new friendships. And, no, don’t avoid people for a silly reason. That’s silly itself.

Natalia Kaluza

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