UK City of Culture 2021 bid – The story so far

In case you have been living under a rock, you will be well aware that Coventry are bidding to be named city of culture in 2021.

The ambitious bid is being spearheaded by the Coventry City of Culture Trust, which has been setup solely in order to aid the city’s

Being named city of culture could potentially have positive implications for Coventry, both socially and economically.

On the surface of it, describing Coventry as a city of culture may provoke a chuckle. As those running the campaign admit on their website; “We know that we’re not perfect, we have a long way to go.”

However, Coventry houses a wealth of both modern and age-old art, museums, and of course, the iconic cathedral. The city being named city of culture 2021 would be more than justified.

Phil Redmond CBE, and the rest of the panel tasked with choosing who will be successful in the pursuit of the city of culture tag, were taken on a guided tour of the city last month.

So how are the residents feeling about the possibility of Coventry’s bid proving fruitful?

We spoke to Graham Furber, a local business owner who is backing the bid. Having lived in the city for almost 60 years, Furber is excited by the prospect of Coventry being named city of culture.

“I have seen major changes to the city during my time here. I recall when the university first opened, and the city has been swarmed by students ever since! No offence.”

Furber added that he feels it is important that Coventry doesn’t lose it’s identity, and the city of culture bid is presumably the perfect way to maintain that.

“This city is rough around the edges, but it has soul. The cathedral has stood now for almost a thousand years, yet we are concerned it will one day be demolished and replaced by student housing!”

Whether or not Coventry’s city of culture bid proves to be successful remains to be seen. But regardless, the city is set to undergo considerable changes over the next few years. Strap yourselves in, and enjoy the ride.

Jamie Wilkinson

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