V. Putin’s triumph – president’s freedom of actions and a total citizens’ control?

Impressive presidency’s strategy  from the very beginning

Starting from the 2000’s Putin’s candidacy for presidency, accounted for more than a half of overall percentage of votes. After Jelcin’s resignation, his political company was the most impressive in comparison to other candidates.  While other candidate organized public performances with potential voters, Putin flew from from Krasnodar to Chechnya on the military fighter called Su-27. Such move has had a significantly positive impact on his rating. Alongside with that, more than 9000 pickets were organized by his administration, during which 100 000 copies of agitation literature has been distributed. All of this led to his winning with 53 percent of votes.  In 2004, his election campaign had even higher success with the percentage of votes  of  71. Same story happened in 2012 with an average of 63 percent and the most incredible success was achieved a few days ago – Putin became a president for the 4th time with the record high of 75 percent.   Such phenomenal number of votes makes the rest of the world wonder – Russia has one of the lowest living standards and changes that  happened during Putin’s presidency have not had any positive impact on Russian citizens.  

Controversial facts about the changes that happened during Putin’s presidency

During Vladimir Putin’s  presidency the disproportion of country’s budget and people’s salary became the highest in the world. At the moment, 75 percent of all money in the country belong just to 1 percent of citizens.  Meanwhile, every seventh person in Russia is beggar and every 2nd considers himself as “poor”, despite the fact that  Russia holds the biggest number of natural resources in the world and poverty should be taken to different high levels in such circumstances.  The healthcare system is being ranked almost  the last in the list of effectiveness.  What’s more, due to  Putin’s external politics, Russia keeps on losing more than trillions of dollars because of the sanctions issued by foreign countries.

 Freedom of speech is banned and that is the reason of success?  

All the mentioned above facts are accessible to any person, so why do people still vote for him? Are people simply influenced by the portrait of him created by the Russian mass media or there is another reason, such as total citizens’ control? The last statement can be  proven by the series of arrests of independent journalists, bloggers and even political opponents, who were  arrested for expressing the negative opinion about Putin.

For example, Alexey Navalnyj – the CEO of anti-corruption foundation was arrested at election protest on the 28th Of January this year, after the documentary he created and published on his YouTube channel. His film reveals the secret property both Putin and the prime-minister Medvedev owe, despite the fact that posh building belong to their close friends or family members, accordingly to the official documents.

This arrest was followed by one more imprisonment  without any explanations. This time, the victim was Ashab Alibekov – a Russian paratrooper, who openly named Putin “a liar” in his video on YouTube, again.  A. Alibekov claimed, that Putin is lying about the absence of Russian military in Donbass. “You are lying to your nation! I am an officer myself and we fight here. We lose our friends and feel the fear of death every day! And you say, there is no military in Donbas! YOU sent us here!” The video was published on the 28 of February 2018 and on 15th of March the officer was arrested.   A journalist from Moscow- Oleg Flown says, that such control is usual in Russia and that is the main reason why Putin remains at president’s post.

 “Where’s the democracy Putin keeps on talking about? I can’t see it.“

”To be honest, I have a negative attitude about our president I am not afraid to say it. Our government does not let to speak out, but someone needs to do it to stop the Putin’s control here.  Our freedom is limited, people cannot express their opinion, because they are scared of consequences that, for example, A. Navalnyj has experienced. By the way, his calls for the election boycott on YouTube were blocked instantly, too.  I was warned for a couple of times by the police officers myself.  They told me to stop making negative comments about Putin on my social media profiles and show support for another candidate – Pavel Grudinin. Where’s the democracy Putin keeps on talking about? I can’t see it. “

What is more, Mr Flown claims that 76 percent of votes does not prove that Russians support Putin. According to him, elections were organized in the way, which did not leave for the citizens a choice except of giving their vote to “Vladimir Vladimirovich”.

“76 percent does not surprise me. There were no equal opponents to Putin. Tell me, how many people know Grudinin? Have you ever heard about him on the TV, have you read something about him? No! The only thing we could see about him during the elections is the news report about his illegal bank accounts abroad, however the proofs were not presented. Would ordinary Russian citizen vote for someone he/she has never seen before? Obviously not. I knew him, because I was into politics for a couple of years, so I kept on observing the people there. Secondly, would you like to see a scandalous journalist/model as your president? Again, not. And that is the problem – Putin got his votes, because he did not have the right opponents.”

Breaking the Law


Not to mention, during the elections Putin has broken two major paragraphs of The Russian Constitution.

  • In the Chapter 4, Article 81, paragraph 3 says: “One and the same person may not be elected President of the Russian Federation for more than two terms running.” –  It’s the 3rd term for Putin.
  • In the Chapter 4, Article 81, in the paragraph 2 it is said: ”Any citizen of the Russian Federation not younger than 35 years of age and with a permanent residence record in the Russian Federation of not less than 10 years may be elected President of the Russian Federation.”. Navalnyj was not allowed to take a part in the elections for the unknown reasons. When the United Stated had complained about it, Putin said: “The person you mentioned (Navalny) is not the only one who hasn’t been allowed to run (in the election), but for some reason they are not talking about the other people. That obviously shows the U.S. administration’s preferences when it comes to who they want to lead other countries, who they want to move forward in Russian politics, and who they’d like to see in the country’s leadership.”

By Laura Jurgel


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