VALENTINE’S: How to survive it when single

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone – it’s expensive, a waste of time and if you’re alone it can make you feel quite low and bored so I want to give you ideas on  what you can do instead! While we all wait for the chocolates to reduce, here’s a few tips for things you can do on your own or with friends this February 14th:


Netflix is great, whether you’re on your own or with people you can chill in front of the TV, binge watch and just pig out on goodies and a takeaway. Who doesn’t love that? You can watch comedies, horrors or science fiction – or give Making A Murderer a go, if you’ve avoided all the hysteria about it so far (worth a watch).

Call your girls (or boys)

There will probably be a few fellow singles in your friendship group, so get together and have a takeaway and Netflix or even have a spa day. There’s so many things you can do! Boys can have a gaming night, beer and a curry which never fails to cheers them up and the girls can have a nice glass of wine, have a chat and watch a few poor chick flicks. You could even go for a night out on Saturday, do a drunken dance to Single Ladies and cry into a pizza at 5am. We’ve all done it.


Feeling pretty bummed you’re alone for Valentine’s Day? Have a spa day! There are some great home made spa ideas all over the internet or just buy some ready made ones. Invite your guys or gals around, put on some good music and relax. Even a Lush bath bomb and a few hours in the tub would do wonders.

Arts and crafts

This is always fun: whether you’re on your own or with friends you can paint, draw and make a mess. I find this so fun, especially when it gets messy. This is a great way to spend a Sunday night.


Food will always be there for you and make you feel better. Whether baking a cake or cooking for yourself, it’s so relaxing and still pretty messy. Nothing is more calming than stirring a pot for a while then licking the bowl…


Music is a great way to relax and spend the day – especially if you want to take your mind off the day of love. The beauty of love is that there are plenty of happily-single anthems and even more miserable songs about being on your own, so no matter what you fancy there’s something out there for you.

But keep your head up, on Monday all the treats for Valentine’s Day will be reduced in price so you can buy them for a third of the price… To those who fell for the con and paid the ridiculous price for the treats and flowers – you know they put the prices up in the upcoming weeks to Valentine’s Day…

Ellen Smith

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