Vapes v Cigarettes

Walking around in the city of Coventry you pass by at least two people smoking or vaping in five minutes’ time.

In the statistics from 2015, 19.3% of men smoke and 15.3% of women. The government noticed that from 2010 to 2015 smoking has become less common across the country and between all ages. E-cigarettes or “vapes” are one of the reasons for that. From the statistics from 2015, there are 2.3 million people in Great Britain using e-cigarettes half of which are used as a means to quit smoking.

Recently an argument has been going around: Vapes or Cigarettes?

We all have tried one of them at least once in our lives and we know the taste of it. We decided to go out and ask people which one they prefer and why. The answers we have gathered are quite interesting. There are many differences between both of them and many different reasons why people like and prefer them.

We all know what kind of a pleasure gives you one cigarette when you are stressed because of work or your assessments at university and it makes everything better and boom after you finish it by some kind of a magic you feel so much better and you are still stressed but not that much. Well sorry to ruin this for you but it is all in your heads. Yes, it has nicotine which is stimulating your mind and makes you think that you feel better but the only difference before the cigarette and after it is the damage your causing to your lungs.

The cigarettes have strong and unpleasant taste and sometimes if it’s too much it can make you cough a lot. The smell from it stays longer than you can imagine. You might think that after five minutes out on fresh air you do not smell anymore, you are lying to yourself. That smell sticks to your clothes, hair, it stays in your breath and when you are talking to people it hits them right in the face, last but not least the smell stays on your hands and fingers so if you are hiding from your parents make sure to spray or wash your hand before you go and talk to them. Furthermore, the cigarettes are quite expensive here in the UK. The cheapest ones are around 7 quid for a pack which is unbelievable. If you ever decide to find how much you spend monthly on packs of cigarettes and do the maths make sure to be sat down while doing it. The final number might actually make you cry.

The E-cigarettes are cheaper. Yes, to buy a brand new will cost you a bit more from £30 to £50 but you spend them once. The only thing you have to worry about afterwards is the liquid and the cotton. If you do not smoke that much you can last a week or even more without changing the liquid. The best thing about that is that you can choose what flavour you want it. It is around 3 quid for a bottle of liquid which is nothing compared to the pack of cigarettes. This is one of the reasons people prefer vapes. Yes, you have different flavours of the cigarettes but it is really hard to find them and in the UK there are not plenty of choices. Mostly the flavoured cigarettes are in Asia, USA, and some European countries. The most common flavour you can find for cigarettes is menthol but with the vapes, you have vanilla, strawberry, banana, mixed fruits and whatever you can think of there are liquids with the flavour of tobacco so you can feel like you are smoking and quit easier. You also do not get that heavy feeling inside you from the smoke, it is much lighter and nicer than the one from the cigarettes.

When we asked people a lot of them said they switched to vapes because of the flavours or because they want to quit smoking. There was one answer which we found really interesting “I decided to buy a vape because of the smoke! From the vape, you get so much more smoke and it is thicker as well so you can do tricks with it. It is really funny and entertaining.”  But we got those answers from mainly young people. When we asked older people they said that they prefer the cigarettes and they are used to them. “I do not like changes. I have been smoking my whole life cigarettes and I do not mind paying £8.50 for a pack. I like it and it is more real if that makes sense. With the electronic ones, they just make you feel like smoking and it is not the same for me.”

While there are billions of people out there, there would be billions of opinions as well. The debate will go on and on and we might never find out which is better cigarettes or vapes but one thing is known for sure they are both harming our health and they are both addictive.




Hristiyana Hristova

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