VIDEO: fees protest spreads to Coventry campus

Warwick students gathered to demonstrate for free education on Saturday, 31 January 2015 in Coventry outside the university Hub and in the city centre.

The aim of the protest was to encourage students from Warwick and Coventry to join the movement for free education.

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Dr Laura Schwartz, a lecturer from the University of Warwick, was there to support the demonstration. She said: “I’m really pleased to see that students are continuing to fight on this issue.

“I was involved in the first round because I was a student when they first introduced fees. What I was afraid of was that students would forget that they have a right to free education. They would lose that sense of entitlement and stop seeing education as a right and start seeing it as a privilege we have to pay for.”

Students from Warwick had protested on their own campus for free education last year. Their most notable demonstration took place on 4 December 2014 when they protested against the use of CS spray by the police.

Demonstrations on 31 January took place in cities across England including London, Brighton and Bath.

Natalia Kaluza and Raisa Ismail

PICTURES: click on the thumbnails below to see larger images from the protest:


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