WATCH: Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie

The iconic David Bowie lost his battle with cancer just last month, just days after releasing his final album Blackstar. 2016’s Grammy Awards were held 15th February. This loss struck the music world very hard and only made sense to do a tribute for David Bowie, which Lady Gaga performed at the Grammy Awards on 15th February. She put on a big show that lasted just over six minutes. Gaga’s unusual style was directly influenced by Bowie’s musical career – and the tribute at the awards was no different. She worked her way through Bowie’s greatest hits like Space Oddity, Changes and Rebel Rebel – the performance was filled with special effects and a hologram of huge spider crawling on her face. While Lady Gaga thought she was doing a nice medley tribute to the music legend, David Bowie’s son thought otherwise… Gaga’s fans were all amazed at the tribute she had put together, however Bowie’s son Duncan Jones was not at all happy with the way the performance went and slated it by calling it “mentally confused”.

I asked Luke from Coventry what he thought to the performance and what Duncan Jones had to say. Luke responded with, ” I thought it was a brilliant performance from Lady Gaga, i’m not saying I’m a huge fan of hers but i did watch the Grammy’s and enjoyed her tribute. I don’t think she would of meant any offence by it and certainly wasn’t expecting Bowies son to react like that.”

Watch Lady Gaga’s full performance at the Grammy’s below.

Brierley Watts Sub-edited by Jessica Allen


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