We Have A Situation Coventry Project

Herry Lawford - Flickr: Coventry

Herry Lawford – Flickr: Coventry

I have been working closely with the Head of Arts, Humanities and Design Rachelle Knowles and Media lecturer Dom Breadmore who have come together to hold the immersive project called ???We have a situation Coventry???, to help improve the relationship between the residents of Coventry and students of Coventry University.

Helen Varley Jamieson is the digital creative director of this project who has been running a series of these networked performances of ???we have a situation! This will be the 6th event, now held in Coventry.

Jamieson is also an experienced upstage performance artist, running the group I???m apart of made up of lecturers, students, artists, designers and creative writers.

We are working together to address and explore the local problems in Coventry between the students and residents and how this can possibly be improved, as we have noticed that the University has begun to dominate the city, as we want to discover what the University does to help the town/residents and what is possibly brought or taken away in the process.

The aim of this project is to create one live theatre performance, via Upstage to an online audience and to a real life audience at The Shop front in Coventry; this performance will take place on Thursday 24th November at 7pm, in Earlsdon opposite the Argos.

A live link to the online stage will be available here and here shortly before the performance time; find your local time here. Everyone is welcome!

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