West Midlands Rail Replaces All London Midland Services

As of Monday 11th December 2017, West Midlands Rail has taken over London Midland services in the area.

The new franchise is reusing the old London Midland trains, and deep cleaning them before redecorating and revamping them in the new colour schemes and designs of West Midlands Rail.

Customers should expect to see a gradual introduction of the new carriages; however, staff members aboard the services will be wearing uniforms to match the franchise. As well as this, services will be referred to by West Midlands Rail which is in immediate effect.

A £1 billion investment has gone into this project, where over 400 new carriages will be introduced in 2021, alongside a wider variety of off peak services, station upgrades and new ticketing systems.

Benefits of the new franchise include: 20 thousand extra seats for rush hour passengers in Birmingham, free WiFi on all main line services, new stations/station rebrands, new services and compensation for customers if their train is delayed.

The compensation will see a 25% refund on ticket price if the train is 15 minutes late, 50% refund if the train is half an hour late or a full refund if the rain is over an hour delayed.

Jan Chaudhry-van der Velde, managing director of West Midlands Trains, said “The £1bn of investment will allow West Midlands Trains to be one of the core drivers of faster economic growth throughout the regions in which it operates.”

“Along with the 900 apprenticeships put in place over the coming years, we’ll be building a legacy that will benefit the industry for decades to come.”

The franchise covers routes in the West Midlands, as well as from London Euston to Crewe, Liverpool to Birmingham and Walsall and London.

West Midlands Rail is set to be running until March 2026, and is set to stimulate and support further economic growth and jobs across the region.


Megan Rhodes

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