Why Fortnite’s System Crossover is Wrong

We’ve begun to see a popular trend with many video game cross-platform functionalities this week following the announcement that popular battle royale games, Fortnite have created a mobile-format and Fortnite has enabled cross-platform user interactions amongst its PC, Console and now Mobile player bases.

This comes at a time during which cross-platforming is becoming a more viable solution for social disconnect amongst gamers due to the separation of consoles to their PC counterparts. But is cross-platforming, especially when games such as Fortnite are involved which has a Minecraft-style addition to its gameplay, really a positive?

Players have ultimately had a mixed reaction to the release of mobile; worse so with the release of cross-platforming with PC. While cross-platforming is great in most games; it seems that Fortnite has a dilemma on its hands: mouse controls.

Players playing on a console, be it Xbox One or PS4, have a disadvantage when it comes to one key element of the game, which is the ability to build. On PC, however, keybinds offer an advantage, particularly those bound to a gaming mouse setup where keys are allocated to the mouse for that specific purpose. It gives PC players the advantage of building speed which can be vital in battle. In the meantime, there is no fix for console players other than to improve; YouTuber Tabor Hill has an exceptional tutorial that would be amiss if it wasn’t recommended.


What has your experience been with Fortnite cross-over? Are you struggling to build against PC players? Let us know on our social media sites!


Mattie Osborne



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