Why is it a good idea your dog to be micro chipped?

Microchipping your pet has never been much of importance to many people all over the world. It is a simple task without many efforts and costs, and with better end for lots of owners.

The cost of microchipping your dog is varying between £15-30£ depending on your vet. And it is the best solution that is worth doing, in case you do not want to pay a fine of £500 or go in jail, because of not microchipping your partner in crime. Besides, this is already a law since April 2016.

I was wondering why people do not want to microchip their pets especially when it is a part of the law and when it makes your life easier if your lover gets lost or runaway. Have you ever asked yourselves what are you going to do if someone steals it from you? What is the chance to find it then if not been microchipped? That is why I decided to ask some owners I saw on the street while walking my dog what do they think about microchipping.

These are the questions:

Owners seen on the street:

1st person:

1. Have you microchipped your dog?

– Well, not really. I have microchipped it, but I have not still registered it. I don’t know why.

2. Do you know about the law that is in action since Spring last year about fines and jails for not microchipping your pet?

– (Person 1) No, I had no idea about that. What are the fines?

– (Me): The fine of not having microchipped your doggy is £500. Why haven’t you registered it yet? What are you going to do if he runs away or you lose him?

– (Person 1): Oh god! I’d better go and do it! I haven’t thought about that to be honest. I was hoping that this will never happen. Probably you are right. I have been too busy to do that, but now as I talked to you it seems that this is for the good of my dog.

2nd person:

3. Why do you think microchipping is a good idea?

– First of all, I am following the law. Secondly, I did it right after I bought my dog. Just in case I lose her, although there is no big chance as you can see how big she is.

4. Did you know that statistics say missing pets rarely make it home? Besides, if not microchipped it may not be reunited with its owner even if got lost and found. What do you think about people that are not doing that?

– This is not serious. All of us know what is the chance your dog to runaway especially if it is a big dog like mine. Moreover, it cannot only run away, but get lost as well. Then what are you going to do? People who own animals should think in advance. They should take better care of their puppies and do as much as they can so they can protect them. As a whole those animals, sooner or later become part of the family and now my Shelly (the dog’s name) is like my third child. I cannot imagine my life without her. I don’t want to end up like those people who abandon their pets. That is insane! Besides, everybody would want to find their pets if lost, so I would advise all of you that are reading this article: Please, do take care of your animals! They are investing so much in you! They are making your lives better in any way, do something for them too! It’s not too hard to chip and register your pet, but it is hard to find it if lost!

All of us that have animals know what kind of happiness and joyfulness they give us. Even though with not so much effort they can make our days, never mind if this effort is for splitting the water or for doing something stupid for a bit more attention. Don’t go so far to look for your partner in crime instead of looking after it! Don’t lose it! Don’t leave it without the necessary attention because it can run away! Keep it safe so no one can steal it! And the most important thing, microchip it! This is the smallest and best thing you can do for both your dog and yourself. It’s not only necessary, but also helpful in different situations like the one I have already mentioned! Besides, when people abandon their pets and they get aggressive, when microchipped we can understand who’s the owner of the dog.

P.S. To the people who had done that… please, do ask yourselves these questions: Why do you have to abandon your pet at all? What did it do to you? Made you laugh when you were sad? Or probably licked your tears when you were crying?

Liana Petrova


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