Why is the World Obsessed with Festive Coffees?

Christmas is just around the corner and people look forward to the launch of festive coffees more than Santa himself. The hot drinks have seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the past few years with more unique flavours being added to the collection.

After asking coffee lovers why they are so obsessed with the yearly trend, it became clear it’s more than just the actual drink. The drinks have become more of an Instagram craze rather than a different way of getting that much needed morning caffeine boost. With flavours, including a gingerbread latte and black forest hot chocolate, with a unique twist it is hard not to want to try them.

The drinks would not be limited edition without the touch of festive decoration on top; either in the form of a gingerbread man or candy cane. They are perfect for a festive Instagram post or snapchat story as they look picture perfect when they are served. Taking out or staying in, you do not want to pay for this creation without photographing it, so of course the take out cups are ready for a Christmassy boomerang to add to social media. Decorated with Christmas themed illustrations, “it’s become more about the cups than the actual coffee” says Betty Ellis.

With the cold winter weather taking over, it is important to stay warm and Connor Welch says “it’s nice and spicy so warms you up” so it’s the perfect pit stop whilst out doing some Christmas shopping. With popular coffee shops joining in on the trend, there’s one on every corner waiting to add that festive spice into your day.

But many question why they are so popular as some say the flavourings make them way too sweet and sickly. With the coffees taking over Instagram, many say they are “basic” so do not want to follow the trend.

With hot drinks becoming part of the festive cheer, it’s hard to walk around and not spot a glimpse of Christmas.

Lizzie Johnston

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