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Running your own business is no doubt a difficult task. Try being a woman in charge and it is almost guaranteed that you will find yourself facing a handful of additional challenges. However, the support of others in the same boat can make your experience much easier to handle.

That is where networks such as Woman Who??? and their awards recognising achievements of business women come into play and become so important. ???Woman Who??? is all about inspiring and motivating women in business to shout out about their successes and celebrate those successes so I wanted to bring women in business together to make them feel confident, support each other and to go through an awards process.??? says Sandra Garlick, founder and director.

There was a great amount of confidence and support present at the Coombe Abbey Hotel on Monday, 27 November 2017 at the opening of the Woman Who???Awards. The mood was not only set by the twinkling fairy lights on the ceiling, but by the guest speakers??? emotional talks.

Although there were over a hundred people in the room, the large number did not take away from the friendly and inclusive atmosphere in the room. The personal experiences shared by successful business women were truly empowering. The stories about how winning the award and being part of this network impacted on lives were inspiring.

“These are the kind of things you need to be involved with, especially as a woman in business, there are so many challenges you come up against. When you are at the top of a business, running a business, you have to be the one that everybody is looking up to, you are the one who has to have all the answers. Sometimes it feels like you are flying by the seat of your pants half the time and just making it up as you go along. To have people go ‘no, come on, you are doing well, do not worry, we are all behind you’ is just invaluable really” previous winner, Joanne Derviller, explained.

You can find out more about Woman Who??? and how to get involved with the awards by visiting their website.


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