Women of one heart fellowship in Coventry

Women of one heart first meeting

Written by: Christabell Ndive

Within Coventry University there are a number of societies that students can join. The societies aim to offer a place where students can meet with like minded individuals, and participate in extra curricular activities.

However, not all the societies cover the needs of all students. There is a gap within the faith and spirituality sector missing out women. Students from the university decided to start their own group which is mainly for just Christian Women.

‘ We had a vision, and merged our ideas together’ 

Undergraduate student Orianne Lunguma, and friends Jodi-Ann Johnson, and Daniela Tome started the group ‘Women of one heart’. This is as they felt that females did not have a place that they could gather together as one, and be empowered by one another. Orianne 19, says ‘we had a vison and merged our ideas together’ through this they were able to create a woman’s Christian campus fellowship. The aim of the group is to unite women in Coventry, and provide a place of fellowship for them to strengthen their walk with Christ.

Orianne goes on to add that ‘many girls in Coventry feel as if they need a place to feel complete and belong’. Their fellowship group is a place where women can feel safe to be who they are through praying, and worshiping together. The name comes from the idea of Women who can learn off each other.

‘Women of one heart’ fellowship group are situated at the hub in the faith and spirituality section. The first meeting was held on the 31 January 2014, and the next meeting will be at the end of this month. The plans towards the next meeting will be for the women to engage in more activities, as before was just an icebreaker session.  Also share biblical advice, speak on issues to do with friendships and relationships.

The next meeting will be on the 28 February 2014 from 6:30pm-9pm
For further information follow their twitter page: @womenofoneheart
Facebook: Women of one heart

Sub-edited by: Orianne Lunguma

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