Why is Trading Growing so Rapidly? Market Knowledge Capital Owner Speaks

Over the years, the job and career choice we know as trading has evolved from just main platforms and corporations such as London Stock Exchange and U.S. Wall Street traders. Now due to the evolution of technology and the knowledge and teachings being on platforms such as the web and YouTube, there are more traders than ever before; you can now trader on your laptops & mobile phones.

When it comes to actively participating in the financial market, tradingis the active style to outperform the traditional buy and sell investing. Instead of simply looking for long term trades, such as stock and binary, traders look for short-term price moves to make profit in markets rising and falling. Traders such as intraday traders operate on making money daily, so in trades from 15 minute candles to 1 to 4 hours; and they do so by watch short-term trends. Some feel that trading is the same as gambling where you just take a chance and hope you win money back, however to understand that trading is different, you’ll first have to understand that they are different types.

Here are a list of the different types of trading: Fundamental, Technical, Trend, Range, Momentum, Swing, Breakout, Position, Retracement, Carry and Reversal. To make it clear what the difference is, traders can set a stop loss on trades which basically means when you are losing a certain amount of money in a trade, the system automatically takes you out when it hits your stop loss marker, whilst if it was gambling, you would’ve lost all of your money.

I was able to get in contact with Bentley Beacher, CEO of Market Knowledge Capital which is a newly formed trading company that operates in London, and was able to get him to answer a few questions that might give us an insight into why he is a trader and why the market is growing ever so rapidly.

Me: What made you decide to become a trader?

 Mr Beacher: I find that it allows me to have a more flexible lifestyle and when you are successful at it, it is much more lucrative.

 Me: How did you find out about Forex trading?

Mr Beacher: An old associate told me about it, and then I researched the rest myself.

Me: What did you do before becoming a trader?

Mr Beacher: I studied graphic design at Hertfordshire University and went on to become a freelance designer and done a couple of designs for major companies and productions

 Me: What would you say are the benefits of trading, when comparing it to being a graphic designer?

 Mr Beacher: More flexible lifestyle, more money and it allows me to helps others more i.e. my teaching course in which I do 1 on 1 teachings to ensure that learners fully understand what they are learning

Me: I understand that you now operating your own company? How would you consider it in comparison to operating independently?

 Mr Beacher: There are no limitations when it comes to personal and financial growth. It requires more self-discipline and sacrifice.

Me: Would you refer this job to others? And if so, why?

Mr Beacher: Yes I would, as it’s good to let others see that you don’t need to work for a company in order to make money and be happy, as well as being able to make a living without doing a basic 9-5.


Written by: Dwayne Grossett

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