Channel 4’s Relocation

Channel 4 is moving – and it could be to Coventry. The broadcasting company has until the New Year to decide where the company is going to install its new headquarters. The Government has urged them to move out of London or the legislation will be applied. The TV company is considering relocating and there are plenty of options, such as Birmingham, Dudley or Solihull.

Moving out of London, would bring a lot of benefits to any of these cities, especially for Coventry. Its location would be perfect for this company because Coventry is in the centre of UK. In just one hour, workers arrive from London. Also, Coventry is located next to the second biggest city of UK, Birmingham.

The other advantage of changing the actual location to Coventry would be the impact on the Coventry’s economy. According to the Government study, the region’s economy would grow by £235million.

This would boost the amount of jobs in the TV industry, but also in another fields. New workers will require housing accommodation, schools and many others services. It is estimated that 3,412 jobs would be created in the West Midlands if Channel 4 finally moves to Coventry.

In addition, moving Channel 4 to Coventry would be beneficial also for students. Journalism students could have an important company to do internship or placement next to their homes. They would not need to go to London if they choose to work in the creative industry.

If Channel 4 finally decides to move to Coventry, it would be a great opportunity for the city to improve the cultural life, as well as the economy and the industry.

Laura Garcia

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