5 Tips to succeed in Dry January this year

Dry January is one of the most popular new year resolutions and involves completely cutting out alcohol for the whole of January. Not only is this a great way to save money but it also gives your body a break from all the festive fun you may have had over the Christmas break.

Whilst many people vow to take part in this annual tradition, for some it can be difficult to stick to which is why we have put together these top 5 tips for succeeding in Dry January.

1. Swap out alcoholic beverages for ‘Mocktails’

Mocktails are a great alternative to alcohol as they often have a similar taste but are completely alcohol free. Not only will you avoid the dreaded hangover, they will also help your bank account as they tend to be a lot cheaper than normal cocktails. Here are a few great places in Coventry that you can find some of the best mocktails:

TGI Friday
TGI Friday has always been renowned for their incredible selection of cocktails but have you ever tried one of their mocktails before? They have a wide selection from pre-dinner to dessert mocktails and they each cost £3.29—making them a much more affordable option.

Cosy Club
Just because you are taking part in ‘Dry January’ doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your friends and go out for a couple of drinks (non-alcoholic of course). The Cosy Club in Coventry is a great place to go out with friends and their line-up of mocktails means you can still have a wide selection of choice. Why not try the Berry Delight or Virgin Mojito for just £3.80?

2. Get your friends and family involved
One of the most common reasons people end up failing Dry January is because it can be easy to be influenced when you are the only one out of your friendship group taking part. It can make you feel like you are missing out on the fun and temptations can often take over. However, if you try and get all of your friends involved you can all motivate each other and encourage each other when you are all out together.
According to the ‘YouGov’ poll, 3.1 million people are planning to take part in Dry January this year so try and persuade your friends to get involved and then at the end of it you can all go out celebrating together.

3. Download Apps
There are many apps you can download to track various different things during this month and who knows, it might motivate you to carry on Dry January into February.
There are apps which track weight loss and diet such as ‘My Fitness Pal’. When cutting out the alcohol you may notice a change in your weight as it is extremely high in calories so tracking this will help you to see how much of a difference it really makes.
Alcohol Concern, the creators of Dry January, have their own app called ‘Dry January and Beyond’ which allows its users to learn how much money you can save by cutting out your usual alcohol habits and also includes a calandar to help you track your progress.
Julie Symes from Alcohol Concern told us some of the benefits of downloading the app. “For those doing Dry January, it’s definitely worth them signing up and downloading the app as they’ll receive some great tips and support for staying dry. And importantly, those who sign up are much more likely to stay dry for the whole month”.

4. Track your progress
Leading on from downloading apps, it is extremely important and rewarding to track your progress during this time so you can see how much of a change/impact it has had on your health and bank account.
You can keep a food diary which records everything you have drank/ate so you can compare with your previous habits. Alternatively, you could keep a calandar and every week track how much money you have saved and how it has influenced your health/eating habits.

5. Remember the health benefits
With so many people taking part in Dry January this year, it can be easy to forget about the real reasons behind the creation of the annual event.
According to the Alcohol Concern website, someone is lost to alcohol every single hour showing the significant affect alcohol can have on your life. It has been linked with several life threatening illnesses including cancer. It aims to raise awareness about the risks of alcohol and to help people drink more responsibly.
The CEO of Alcohol Concern, Dr Richard Piper, spoke to us about the importance behind Dry January. “Dry January is a national campaign which changes lives, giving people the impetus and support they need to re-set their relationship with alcohol for January and beyond. The benefits are astounding: 49% of people lose weight, while 62% sleep better and a whopping 79% save money.
“Alcohol is the biggest cause of death, ill-health and disability for people aged 15-49 in the UK – but these tragedies are all totally avoidable. Dry January is growing year-on-year as more people across the country decide to take control of their drinking and reap the benefits, both in how they feel now and for their future health.”

So, if you are taking part in Dry January use these tips to help motivate yourself and keep on track this month.


Cally Brooks

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